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French Navy Ships, 1816-1859

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Ships of the Line

Océan (118) class   
OCEAN11.90118Stk. 31.12.54, BU 1855-6
MAJESTUEUX18.4.02"Stk. 26.1.39
Improved Océan class   
AUSTERLITZ15.8.08118Stk. 8.3.37, BU 1837
WAGRAM1.7.10"Stk. 15.10.36, BU 1837
ROYAL LOUIS1.12.11"Stk. 31.3.25, BU
MONTEBELLO6.12.12"Steam 1852
HEROS15.8.13"Stk. 10.3.28
110-gun class   
COMMERCE DE PARIS8.8.06110Renamed Commerce 11.8.30. Stk. 26.1.39, hulk
DUC D'ANGOULEME30.8.14"Renamed Iéna 9.8.30. Stk. 31.12.64, hulk
Indomptable (80) class   
FOUDROYANT8.3.9980Stk. 26.10.33, BU 1834
DONAWERTH4.7.08"Stk. 1823, BU 1823-24
EYLAU19.11.08"Stk. 1.6.29, BU 1829
SCEPTRE25.8.10"Stk. 10.3.28, hulk
PACIFICATEUR22.5.11"Stk. 28.10.23
ILLUSTRE9.6.11"Stk. 1826
DIADEME30.11.11"Stk. 21.1.56, hulk
CONQUERANT27.4.12"Stk. 6.7.31, hulk
DUQUESNE12.10.13"Stk. 19.11.36
MAGNIFIQUE29.10.14"Stk. 23.9.37, BU 1837
Large 74-gun class   
VETERAN18.7.0374Stk. 26.10.33, BU 1841-42
CASSARD24.9.03"Stk. 18.5.18, hulk
Temeraire (74) class   
PATRIOTE178574Stk. 16.1.21, hulk
TOURVILLE1788"Stk. 26.10.33, BU 1841
JEMMAPES1794"Stk. 16.1.21, hulk
MAGNANIME17.8.03"Stk. 4.1.20, hulk
COURAGEUX3.2.06"Stk. 1827, hulk
AJAX17.6.06"Stk. 10.3.18, hulk
LIS25.5.08"Stk. 1.7.22, hulk
DANUBE21.12.08"Stk. 18.12.26, BU
ULM25.5.09"Stk. 1828
TRIOMPHANT31.3.09"Stk. 1.7.22, hulk
NESTOR21.5.10"Stk. 29.8.49
MARENGO12.10.10"Stk. 21.7.58, hulk
TRIDENT9.6.11"Stk. 11.1.58, hulk
TRAJAN15.8.11"Stk. 1826
AGAMEMNON23.2.12"Frigate Amphitrite 1823
GAULOIS14.4.12"Stk. 1826, BU 1831
ROMULUS31.5.12"Frigate Guerrière 19.6.21
VILLE DE MARSEILLES15.8.12"Stk. 22.6.58
COLOSSE5.12.13"Frigate Pallas 24.10.25
SCIPION5.9.13"Stk. 20.2.46
ORION9.10.13"Stk. 26.9.35, hulk
DUGUAY TROUIN10.11.13"Stk. 10.2.25, hulk
SUPERBE5.7.14"Lost 15.12.33
PROVENCE26.5.15"Renamed Alger 15.7.30. Stk. 13.10.58, hulk
Small 74-gun class   
BOREE27.6.0574Stk. 1827
GENOIS17.8.05"Stk. 14.8.21, BU
COMMERCE DE LYON9.4.07"Stk. 23.2.19, BU 1830-31
EOLE7.6.07"Stk. 23.2.19, BU
DUGUESCLIN20.6.07"Stk. 1817, BU c1820
ACHILLE15.7.07"Stk. mid-1816
ATLAS6.9.07"Stk. 23.2.19, hulk
BRESLAW3.5.08"Stk. 19.11.36
HECTOR21.8.08"Ordered BU 7.9.19, BU 1820
Captured 74-gun ship   
ANNIBAL--74Stk. 27.12.23

Océan class
Designed by Sané in 1786. Data for this class are as the improved Océan class in the main text except for a displacement of 5,058t and beam of 53ft 3in mld, 54ft 9in ext (16.24, 16.69m). Océan was built as Etats de Bourgogne and was renamed Côte d'Or in 1.1793, La Montagne in 10.1793, Le Peuple in 1795, and Océan later in 1795. Majestueux was built as République Franôaise and renamed in 1803.

Improved Océan class
Designed by Sané. Data for this class are given in the main text. Wagram was built as Monarque and renamed in 2.1810. Royal Louis was built as Impérial and renamed on 9.4.14 and 15.7.15. An additional ship, Sans Pareil, was begun at Brest in 1811. She was cancelled and dismantled in 6.1816 and her timbers were used in a refit of Wagram in late 1818.

110-gun class
In 1804 Sané shortened the plans of the original Océan class to produce a 110-gun ship with one less gun on each side on each deck. The ships displaced 4,650t and measured 195ft 7in wl, 198ft 3in deck x 53ft 3in mld, 54ft 9in ext x 25ft 7in mean (59.61, 60.42 x 16.24, 16.69 x 7.80m). During the war Commerce de Paris carried: GD 30-36pdr; MD 32-24pdr; UD 32-12pdr; SD 6-8pdr, 12-36pdr carr. In 1828 the class was assigned: GD 30-36pdr; MD 32-24pdr; UD 32-36pdr carr.; SD 12-36pdr carr., 4-18pdr long. Four other ships of this type were begun at Antwerp in 1810-11 but not completed.

Commerce de Paris was built as Ville de Paris and was renamed Commerce de Paris in 1804 and Commerce on 11.8.30. On 5.10.39 she was designated to replace Orion as the school hulk for the naval academy at Brest, and on 18.12.39 she was renamed Borda. In 8.1863 she was replaced by the 120-gun ship Valmy which took the name Borda, and she in turn took the name Vulcain and replaced the frigate Uranie as headquarters hulk and mechanics' training ship at Brest. She was BU in 1885.

Duc d'Angoulême was laid down as Victorieux and was renamed Iéna in 1807, Duc d'Angoulême on 8.7.14 and 15.7.15, and Iéna on 9.8.30. She was razeed to a 90-gun ship at Brest between 1826 and 1833 and proved very successful. She was given a unique armament derived from the Suffren class: GD 26-36pdr, 4-22cm shell; UD 32-30pdr; SD 26-36pdr carr., 4-18pdr. (Her spardeck armament was modified to 24-30pdr carr., 4-16cm shell in 1846.) She became headquarters hulk for the reserve at Toulon and was BU 1886.

Indomptable class
Designed by Sané in 1787-88. Data for this class are given in the main text. Foudroyant was named Dix-huit Fructidor from 1797 to 1800. Eylau was begun as Saturne and renamed in 1807. Sceptre became a barracks hulk at Toulon and was destroyed by fire on 16.1.30. Pacificateur was used in 1824 in trials of Paixhans' new 22cm shell gun. Diadème became a barracks hulk and was BU 1868. Conquérant was BU 1842. Duquesne was built as Zélandais and renamed in 4.14 and 7.15.

Large 74-gun class
In 1793-4 the French laid down two 74s designed by Sané to carry 24pdrs instead of 18pdrs on their main decks for their first few cruises. By 1816 the guns had been replaced with 18pdrs. These ships were 2ft longer than the standard 74 and half a foot wider. Vétéran was begun as Magnanime and was renamed Quatorze Juillet in 1798 and Vétéran in 1802. Cassard was begun as Lion and was renamed Glorieux in 1795 and Cassard in 1798. She became a mooring hulk and was BU c1830.

Temeraire class
Designed by Sané in 1782. Data for this class are provided in the main text. Patriote became a mooring hulk and was BU c1830. Jemmapes was begun as Alexandre and was renamed 1793. She was BU c1830. Magnanime replaced St. Pierre as a prison hulk. Courageux was begun as Alcide and was renamed in 1802. She became a training hulk for seamen and was BU 1831-32. Ajax replaced Robert as prison hulk No.1 at Toulon. Lis was laid down as Glorieux and was renamed Polonais in 1807 and Lis (or Lys) on 19.4.14 and 15.7.15. She became a storage hulk and was BU 1825-26. Triomphant became a storage hulk and was BU 1825. Plans were drawn up in 1846-49 for converting Nestor to steam, but she was found to be rotten and was BU. Marengo became a prison hulk at Toulon, was renamed Pluton 8.4.65, and was BU 1873. Trident became a prison hulk and was BU 1874. Ville de Marseilles became a barracks hulk and was BU c1879. Orion became the first school ship for the new naval academy at Brest in 1827, was rerated a service craft in 1835, was replaced in 1839 by Commerce, and was BU in 1841. Duguay Trouin became a storage hulk at Brest. Superbe was wrecked in the Levant. Provence was begun as Kremlin and was renamed Provence on 19.4.14, Kremlin on 22.3.15, Hercule on 20.4.15, Provence on 15.7.15, and Alger on 15.7.30 (commemorating her service as flagship of the force that captured Algiers). She became a barracks hulk and was BU in 1882.

Small 74-gun class
Sane produced plans in 1803 for a small-model 74 for construction in shipyards outside France, including Genoa and Antwerp. Two prototypes, including Borée, were built at Toulon. The class measured 177ft 7in wl, 180ft 1in deck x 46ft 11in mld (54.12, 54.90 x 14.29m), with a depth of hull 9in less than the regular 74. Eole was built as Anversois and was renamed on 29.8.14 and 15.7.15. Achille was begun as Illustre and renamed Dantzick in 1807 and Achille on 29.4.14 and 15.7.15. Atlas was begun as Thésée and was renamed Ville de Berlin in 6.1807 and Atlas on 29.8.14 and 15.7.15. She became a storage hulk. Breslaw was begun as Superbe and renamed in 1807. Hector was built as Dalmatie and renamed on 29.8.14 and 15.7.15.

Captured 74-gun ship
Annibal was the British Hannibal, built in 1786 and captured on 6.7.1801 at the battle of Algesiras. She was listed with GD 28-32pdr; UD 26-16pdr, SD 9-9pdr, 10-36pdr carr., which were presumably her English guns retained in French service. She became a prison hulk in 1823.


24pdr type   
INCORRUPTIBLE8.9540-18pStk. 1819
REVANCHE9.95"Stk. 1819, BU 1824
18pdr type, plans by Sane   
FLORE3.7.0340-18pStk. 25.11.40, BU
PENELOPE22.10.06"Stk. 1827
BELLONE18.4.07"Stk. 11.12.41
PALLAS9.4.08"Stk. 1822, BU 1824
JUNON21.7.08"Stk. 17.8.42
CALYPSO23.5.08"Stk. 8.11.24, BU 1841
AURORE15.8.09"Renamed Dauphine 5.9.29 and Aurore 9.8.30. Stk. 5.7.47
MEDUSE1.7.10"Lost 4.7.16
EURYDICE30.10.10"Stk. 20.6.25, BU 1825
NYMPHE1.5.10"Stk. 5.9.32, hulk
GLOIRE3.11.11"Stk. 1822, BU 1828-29
MEDEE5.5.11"Stk. 6.2.49, hulk
PSYCHE9.5.12"Stk. 1821, BU 1823
AFRICAINE26.5.12"Lost 1822
DUCHESSE D'ANGOULEME24.6.12"Stk. 2.6.25, BU 1825
ERIGONE25.3.12"Stk. 8.11.24, BU 1825
ARETHUSE11.5.12"Corvette 17.3.32
FLEUR DE LIS4.10.12"Renamed Résolue 9.8.30. Lost 6.1833
NEREIDE30.9.13"Stk. 1825
CYBELE11.4.15"Corvette 13.8.31
18pdr type, plans by Segondat   
SIRENE23.9.0540-18pStk. 1819, BU 1837
DANAE22.8.08"Stk. 1819, BU 1873
PERLE13.8.13"Stk. 30.9.23, BU 1825
THEMIS14.7.13"Stk. 6.7.31
18pdr type, plans by Pestel   
HERMIONE13.11.1140-18pStk. 14.4.41
GALATEE3.5.12"Stk. 6.5.37, BU 1838
18pdr type, plans by Rolland   
AMPHITRITE28.10.1040-18pStk. 1821
CIRCE15.12.11"Corvette 13.8.31
Captured 18pdr frigate   
PROSERPINE--40-18pHulk, Stk. 20.7.65

24-pdr type
A few frigates were built in the 1790s on plans by Forfait with 24pdr guns on the main deck. Incorruptible, received 24-24pdrs and 10-8pdrs and Revanche, had 22-24pdrs and 10-8pdrs. Unlike the large, experimental Forte (1794) which had 50 guns including 30-24pdrs, these ships probably had hulls similar to the 18pdr class. In 1801 the 24pdrs in Incorruptible were replaced with 18pdrs because they reduced her speed and fatigued her hull. Revanche also had 18pdrs by 1816.

18pdr type, plans by Sane
Data for this class are included in the main text. Flore was built as Hortense and renamed in 1814. Bellone was built as Pauline and renamed in 1814. She was reclassified as a transport (corvette de charge) in 1841. Junon was built as Amélie and renamed in 1814. Calypso was begun as Aréthuse and renamed Elbe in 1807 and Calypso in 1814. Aurore was built as Adrienne and renamed Aurore in 1814, Dauphine on 5.9.29, and Aurore on 9.8.30. She was reclassified as a transport in 1841. Méduse was lost in a famous shipwreck off Senegal. Eurydice was built as Prégel and renamed in 1814. Nymphe became a headquarters hulk at Brest and was BU in 1873. Médée became a headquarters hulk at Toulon, was renamed Muiron in 1850, and sank in 1882. Psyché was built as Jahde and renamed in 1814. Africaine was built as Ems and renamed in 1814. She was wrecked near Newfoundland. Duchesse d'Angoulême was begun as Eurydice and renamed Atalante in 1811 and Duchesse d'Angoulême in 1814. Fleur de Lis was built as Dryade and was renamed Fleur de Lis in 1814 and Résolue on 9.8.30. She was wrecked near Cherbourg. Néréide was built as Rancune and renamed in 1814.

18pdr type, plans by Segondat
This type was built to the same specifications as Sane's 18pdr frigates but on slightly different plans. (Alternatively, they may have been built on Sane's plans under Segondat's supervision.) Sirène was begun as Amphitrite and renamed Milanaise in 1805 and Sirène in 1814. Danaé was begun as Nymphe and renamed Vistule in 1807 and Danaé in 1814. Thémis was begun as Iphigénie and renamed Oder in 1807 and Thémis in 1814.

18pdr type, plans by Pestel
Another slight variant on Sane's standard 18pdr frigate design. Hermione was built as Illyrienne and renamed in 1814.

18pdr type, plans by Rolland
Data for this variant on Sane's 18pdr frigate are given in the main text. Amphitrite was begun as Andromède and was renamed Saale in 1807 and Amphitrite in 1814.

Captured 18pdr frigate
Proserpine, launched in 10.1808 at Chatham, was captured by Pauline and Pénélope from the British on 27.2.1809. She was recommissioned in 1828 with an armament of GD 26-18pdr; SD 16-24pdr carr., 2-18pdr. She was reclassified as a transport in 1841, sent to Cayenne as a prison ship in 1856, and BU there in 1865-66.


Misc. large corvettes   
GEOGRAPHE8.6.0024-8pStk. 6.4.19
DEPARTEMENT DES LANDES19.7.0420-24pStk. 1820, BU 1829-30
8pdr corvettes, Victorieuse class   
VICTORIEUSE17.4.0620-24pLost 10.8.47
DIANE5.9.08"Stk. 31.8.31, hulk
SAPHO18.1.09"Lost 8.8.23
BAYADERE17.6.11"Stk. 9.3.33, BU 1833
AIGRETTE14.8.11"Stk. 20.8.22, hulk
EGERIE18.11.11"Stk. 15.5.26.
6pdr corvettes, Diligente class   
DILIGENTE7.11.0120-24pStk. 11.10.54
COQUETTE21.11.09"Stk. 4.4.22 and BU
FRIPONNE4.5.10"Stk. 11.7.20 and BU 1820
ECHO3.7.10"Stk. 30.7.44

Misc. large corvettes
Géographe was begun in 1794 as Uranie and was renamed Galatée in 1797 and Géographe in 1800 as flagship of a voyage of discovery (1801-03). She served as a barracks ship in 1808-11 and on harbor service at Lorient after 1815. Département des Landes, designed by Rolland, was very similar to the Victorieuse group, below. Begun in 1803 as Egérie, she was renamed in 1.1804 when the the départment for which she was named offered to pay for a corvette.

8pdr corvettes, Victorieuse class
Data for this class are given in the entry for Espérance in the main text. The first three ships were built on plans drawn by Poncet and "corrected" by Sané, and the last three, which had identical dimensions, were simply listed as designed by Sané. Although rated for 8pdrs, they carried 24pdr carronades for most of their careers. Victorieuse was paid for by the troops of the Army of Italy under Murat and replaced a ship named Erigone in the building program. She had a light spardeck, which was removed when she was razeed to a 24-gun corvette at Toulon in 1835-39. Her subsequent armament was 16-30pdr carr., 4-16cm shell, and 2-12pdr. Diane was converted to a barge at Brest in 1831. Sapho ran aground at Brest in 1823, was soon salvaged, but was BU 1824-25. Aigrette became a storage hulk at Brest and was BU 1832.

6pdr corvettes, Diligente class
Diligente proved to be a very fast ship whose plans were copied as late as 1848. She was built on a private plan by Ozanne subsequently adopted by the navy. She was rearmed with 18pdr carronades and was reclassified as a corvette aviso in 1821. (Postwar corvette avisos built on the same plans are listed in this chapter under brigs and avisos.) Echo, in contrast, was assigned an armament of 18-24pdr carr. and 2-6pdr in 1818 and remained a 20-gun corvette to the end of her career. She was begun as Favorite and renamed in 1810.


Misc. large brigs   
ABEILLE24.6.0118-24p carr.Stk. 15.11.44, hulk
ALACRITY--18-32p carr.Stk. 20.8.22 and BU
Sylphe class   
ADONIS16.8.0616-24p carr.Stk. 6.11.22, BU c1823
CURIEUX17.7.06"Stk. 5.6.33
GENIE23.7.08"Stk. 1833
HUSSARD26.6.09"Stk. and BU 1822
EPERVIER19.5.10"Stk. 19.2.21 and BU
RAILLEUR2.6.10"Stk. 12.2.22, BU 1822
OLIVIER3.7.10"Stk. 5.8.23 and BU
ZEBRE1.12.10"Stk. 12.1.47
LAURIER20.6.11"Stk. 15.6.18, hulk
FAUNE3.1.11"Lost 4.5.32
LANCIER22.5.11"Stk. 22.5.21
ECLAIREUR9.4.11"Stk. 22.5.21
INCONSTANT28.11.11"Stk. 17.8.42, BU 1843
ACTEON24.8.12"Stk. 1821, BU 1822
ZEPHYR17.6.13"Lost 2.5.23
EURYALE9.12.13"Stk. 14.3.46
SILENE17.8.14"Lost 14.5.30
HURON29.9.14"Stk. 13.8.22
RUSE9.14"Lost 24.1.35
Misc. small brigs   
ARGUS--12-16p carr.Stk. 1827
ECUREUIL--"Stk. 28.6.27
FAVORI--"Stk. 1827, service craft
LYNX--"Stk. 1834

Misc. large brigs
Abeille was built at Toulon and measured 98ft 4in x 27ft 11in (29.96 x 8.50m). She became a depot hulk, was renamed Molène before 1865, and was BU 1868. Alacrity was a large English brig launched in 1806 and captured by Abeille on 26.5.11.

Sylphe class
This class was designed by Sané and was similar to an earlier class designed by Pestel, of which none survived in 1816. They measured 95ft 8in x 27ft 7in mld (29.16 x 8.42m). French 16-gun brigs were designed for 6pdr long guns, but these were replaced well before 1815 with 24pdr carronades. Curieux was built as Mercure but was transferred to Italy on 14.6.10 as Simplon. She was borrowed back in late 1810 under her Italian name and was renamed Curieux on 24.9.14 and 15.7.15. Olivier was built as Mamelouck and renamed 21.4.14 and 15.7.15. Laurier became a hulk at Brest and was BU 1832. Faune was lost near the bar at Tuspay. Inconstant was given to Napoleon on 27.5.14 when he was exiled to Elba. She returned to Toulon on 24.5.15. Zéphyr was wrecked near Cape Palos on the Biscay coast. Silène was wrecked 60nm east of Algiers with the brig-aviso Aventure. Rusé was lost off Bône, Algeria.

Misc. small brigs
The pre-1816 navy had no standard class of small brigs equivalent to the postwar brig avisos. A three-masted schooner, Créole, was brig-rigged from 1811 to 1821 because of a lack of masts at Réunion, where she was stationed. The only true small brigs on the navy list in 1816 were four captured British gun brigs. All four retained their British names until renamed on 24.9.14 and 15.7.15. They also retained their British 16pdr carronades. Argus was HMS Plumper, built in 1804 and captured near St. Malo by a division of gunboats on 16.7.05. Ecureuil was HMS Bouncer, built in 1804 and captured after being stranded near Boulogne on 21.2.05. Favori was HMS Mallard, built in 1801 and captured after grounding at Wissant in 2.05. She was a service craft at Brest in 1831. Lynx was HMS Conflict, built in 1801 and captured after being stranded near Nieuport on 23.10.04.

Smaller ships
The navy in 1816 included many small ships, of which the most important were five schooners: Bacchante (6-8pdrs, 1812-24), Biche (10-8pdrs, 1808-17), Cerf (12-24pdr carr., 1807-21), Levrette (10-8pdrs, 1808-23), and Torche (10-12pdrs, 1812-37). One list from October 1816 shows a total of 20 schooners, 4 cutters, 1 gunboat, 15 luggers, 9 lateen-rigged craft, and many unnamed gunboats and mouches.

Flûtes, later Corvettes de charge, later Transports

800 ton type   
SEINELe Havre23.5.03Stk. 1835
RHONELe Havre4.5.05Lost 1836
CARAVANEMarseille10.9.08Lost 21.10.17
LYBIOLa Ciotat17.5.10Renamed Bonite 1835. Stk. 1842
SALAMANDRELa Ciotat21.3.11Lost 1826
ELEPHANTMarseille5.5.11Stk. 1826, hulk to 1833
LICORNELa Ciotat15.11.11Stk. 1826
GOLOMarseille12.11Stk. 1825
NORMANDELa Ciotat2.12Stk. 1824, hulk to 1833
CORNALINELa Ciotat4.12Lost 2.2.23
ARIEGEMarseille16.5.12Stk. 1833
BONITEMarseille2.8.13Stk. 1835-6
HIPPOPOTAMEMarseille--Begun 1814, canc. 1818
TARNBayonne7.4.18Stk. 19.11.42
ADOURBayonne25.3.19Stk. 23.4.51
MOSELLECherbourg13.5.20Renamed Abondance 20.4.33. Stk. 31.10.51, hulk to 1856

800-ton type
The 800-ton "flûte" was one of the ship types standardized during the Napoleonic Wars by the Navy's senior naval constructor, J.-N. Sané. The first ship of this type was Normande, designed by Forfait in 1788. The plans for the first two ships above were credited to P.-A. Forfait, the third was built on Forfait's plans "as reviewed by Sané," and the later units were credited solely to Sané, although they were probably essentially identical to Forfait's ships. All flûtes were redesignated "corvettes de charge" (cargo-carrying corvettes) on 13.11.21. Seine, originally Escaut, was renamed in 1814. Lybio was renamed Bonite in 1835-6. Normande, originally Egyptienne, was renamed on 26.9.14 (effective upon her arrival at Toulon from a voyage). After being stricken, Ariège was an "annexe" at Cherbourg until ordered scrapped on 9.6.49. Adour served as a hospital ship and warehouse at Gabon from 1847 until she was replaced by Oise in 1854. Moselle and an unnamed sister were begun at St. Malo in 1810 and re-erected at Cherbourg circa 1815. The sister was cancelled circa 1816. Moselle was renamed Abondance on 20.4.33 and served as a boys' training ship from 1836 until scrapped in 1856.

Gabarres, later Transports

559 tons   
LOIRE(prize)(1809)Stk. 1838
467 tons   
DURANCELa Ciotat9.05Stk. 1838
EXPEDITIVEMarseilles2.09Stk. 1824
PRUDENTELa Ciotat4.1.11Stk. 1826
LA CIOTATLa Ciotat4.11Renamed Uranie 12.16. Lost 14.2.20
380 tons (type écurie)   
ALOUETTELa Seyne3.11Lost 6.6.17
CHEVRETTEToulon7.11Lost 20.3.30
LIONNNELa Ciotat20.7.11Stk. 1844, hulk to 1852
COQUILLEToulon8.11Renamed Astrolabe 1825. Stk. 14.8.51
TRUITELa Ciotat20.8.11Lost 13.12.32
INFATIGABLEMarseille23.9.11Stk. 1837
EMULATIONMarseille12.11Stk. 8.12.45
EGLANTINELa Seyne2.12Stk. 1828
MARGUERITELa Seyne2.12Lost 1818
ZELEEToulon2.12To steam (q.v.) 1853
LAMPROIEToulon2.12Stk. 16.10.49
ACTIVELa Seyne3.12Stk. 1827
350 tons   
PANTHEREBayonne30.5.06Stk. 1833
262 tons (type écurie)   
LEZARDToulon9.09Stk. 1852, hulk to 1866
MARSOUINToulon9.09Lost 1.1.1834
PORTEFAIXToulon9.09Renamed Loiret 11.20. Stk. 1844
250 tons   
GIRONDEBayonne23.6.08Stk. 1833
CHARENTEBayonne12.7.09Renamed Robuste 1836. Stk. 6.2.39

The word "gabarre" (often spelled "gabare") was used for river cargo craft and also for seagoing vessels designed to carry bulky cargo. The Navy often used them to carry ship timbers to its dockyards, but the large cargo capacity, robust hulls, and good seakeeping qualities of some of these ships (and the larger flûtes and corvettes de charge) also made them suitable for use on major exploration expeditions. For example, the 380-ton gabarre Coquille, renamed Astrolabe, was used by Dumont d'Urville on his circumnavigation voyage of 1825-29.

559-ton type
was the former Portuguese merchant ship Ovidor, taken off Singapore on 19.11.09. She was renamed Généreux in 1810 and Loire in 1814. She was built of teak on the island of Ile de France (now Réunion). Originally rated a flûte, she was redesignated a gabarre in 1822.

467-ton type
and La Ciotat were sisters, built to plans by Sané which may have been a modified version of the plans by J.-L Feraud that were used for the first two. Prudente became a mooring hulk at Rochefort and was scrapped in 1844. La Ciotat was renamed Uranie in December 1816 and was wrecked in the Falkland Islands (Malouines) in February 1820.

380-ton type
In 1811-12 the Navy built twelve "gabarres-écuries" (cargo ships fitted to carry horses) to plans by F. Pestel. Until July 1814 these ships were named respectively Grande Gabarre Ecurie No. 1 to No. 12. Alouette was lost at Cap Français, Haiti, on 6.6.17. Emulation, Lamproie, Astrolabe, and Zélée were designated 14-gun corvettes in 1846. Zélée was fitted with a small steam engine (mixed propulsion) in 1853—see the steam section for subsequent information on this ship.

262-ton type
In 1809 the Navy built three small brig-rigged gabarres-écuries to plans by J.-P. Vincent. Until July 1814 they were named respectively Petite Gabarre Ecurie No. 1 to No. 3. Lézard was a hulk at Lorient from 1852-1867. Marsouin was reclassified as a small brig in 1823 and was wrecked on the Ile du Levant near Toulon on 1.1.34.

Smaller types
200 tons: Jeanne (1806-28), Sarcelle (1808-29), Louise (1806-16, acquired), Prevoyante (1803-17, acquired); 170 tons: Desirée (1803-38), Girouette (1808-26)

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