United States Shipping Board

Contract and Requisitioned Steamships Taken Over on August 3, 1917


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Title Page
Statistics: Deliveries (1)
Statistics: Deliveries (2), Launches
Statistics: Keel Layings, To Be Constructed
Statistics: Miscellaneous

Vessels Owned and Controlled by the U.S. Shipping Board
A. C. Bedford - Amcross
America - Bancroft
Bango - Blue Eagle
Bluffton - Callabasas
Callao - Clodia
Coahoma County - Craycroft
Cremna - Eastern Cross
Easterner - Fort Leavenworth
Fort Lewis - Heffron
Hegira - Keketticut
Kenosha - Lake Deval
Lake Duane - Lake Flynus
Lake Folcroft - Lake Helen
Lake Hemlock - Lake Worth
Lake Yahara - Minnesota
Miskianza - Northern King
Northern Light - Point Arena
Point Bonita - Salvation Lass
Samoset - Tenas
Teresa - Waukomis
Wawalona - Westhampton
West Harcuvar - Whitehead
Wicasta - Zuniga

Ships Under Construction
Charles H. Cramp - Winter and Algic - Carenco
Chickamauga - Evergreen City
Fishkill - Lake Gano
Lake Gara - Outagamie
Pachet - Utacarbon
Vaba - Yapalaga and Cathay - Oriental
Alcay - Wonahbe (wood)
Cuyamaca - Selma (concrete)

Ships To Be Constructed
George E. Weeds - Reaper and Beargrove - Narberth
Natirar - Yalza

Abrigada - Westover (39 ships)