Register of Ships Owned by United States Shipping Board, August 1, 1920

Text Pages

The text of this book consists of the Register itself (a 122-page listing of ships, including numbered but blank pages that are not reproduced here), four supplements, and considerable front and back reference matter. The scans of these pages are large jpeg files, but if they are displayed at the width of a monitor they they become semi-legible on small monitors. They are therefore displayed at somewhat more than the width of a monitor, meaning you have to click the bottom scroll bar once to see the entire width of a page. Some browser settings may override this formatting and display the entire width of the image. These copies were made from the original publication.

Front Pages
Title Page
Organization 1
Organization 2

Abbeville - Aiken
Aimwell - Anacortes
Andalusia - Artigas
Arundel - Awensdaw
Babboosic - Barrallton
Barrington - Bell Brook
Bellbuckle - Biloxi
Birchleaf - Bosworth
Botsford - Buffalo Bridge
Bugaya - Byfield
Cabegon - Caponka
Capulin - Chappaqua
Chappell - City of Flint
City of Joliet - Cokato
Cokesit - Coperas
Coquina - Coutolene
Covalt - Crown City
Cruso - Cuttyhunk
Daca - Delrosa
Deranof - Durango
East Cape - Eastern Knight
Eastern Light - Edgewood
Edisto - Eyota
Fairfield - Fort Scott
Fort Sill - Fresno
Gaffney - Guimba
Haddon - Hickman
Hico - Hutchinson
Iceland - Itompa
Jackson - Jomar
Kaleen - Kitchi
Kittegaun - Kuwa
Labette - Lake Butler
Lake Cahoon - Lake Duncan.
Lake Dunmore - Lake Elsinore
Lake Elsmere - Lake Faristell
Lake Fariston - Lake Fiscus
Lake Fitch - Lake Fossil
Lake Fostoria - Lake Furlough
Lake Furnas - Lake Gilta
Lake Giltedge - Lake Greenbrier
Lake Gretna - Lake Lida
Lake Lilicuson - Lake St Clair
Lake St Regis - Lake Wimico
Lake Winona - Lorain
Lordship Manor - Lycoming
M J Scanlon - Massick
Massillon Bridge - Miskianza
Mitchell - Mount Vernon Bridge
Mulpua - Musketo
Nacogdoches - Nipmuc
Nipsic - Nupolela
Oakland - Oskaloosa
Oskawa - Ozette
Padnsay - Point Arena
Point Loma - Python
Quabbin - Quittacas
Radnor - Rushville
Sabotawan - Sapona
Sapulpa - Sharon
Shaume - Swampscott
Tagus - Tripp
Triumph - Tyee
Umatilla - Volunteer
W S Rheem - Waukegan
Waukesha - West Calera
West Calumb - West Ekonk
West Elcajon - West Hembrie
West Henshaw - West Kasson
West Katan - West Nomentum
West Norranus - West Zucker
West Zula - Wheatland Montana
Wheaton - Wytheville
Yakima - Zirkel

Passenger Vessels I
Passenger Vessels II

Back Pages
USSB Steel Cargo Steamers 1
USSB Steel Cargo Steamers 2
USSB Steel Cargo Steamers 3
USSB Steel Cargo Steamers 4
Wood - Refrigerator - Tanker
Passenger - Tug - Sailing - Concrete
Radius Tankers
Radius Cargo Ships 1
Radius Cargo Ships 2
Radius Cargo Ships 3
Radius Cargo Ships 4
Radius Convertible 1
Radius Convertible 2
USSB Losses Until Aug 1920
Manning Requirements


First Supplement, November 1, 1920
Title Page
Algic - Cockatoo
Cody - Hybert
Independence Hall - Provincetown
Prowess - Yapalaga
Adjustments to 5th edition
Eliminations from the fleet

Second Supplement, February 1, 1921
Title Page
Anna E Morse - Jennie E Morse
Lake Clear - USAT Cantigny
USAT Chateau Thierry - Yalza
Adjustments to 5th ed. and Suppl 1 1
Adjustments to 5th ed and Suppl 1 2
Eliminations from the USSB Fleet
Tonnage USSB Cargo Ships 1
Tonnage USSB Cargo Ships 2
Tonnage USSB Cargo Ships 3
Tonnage USSB Cargo Ships 4
Tonnage USSB Cargo Ships 5

Third Supplement, May 1, 1921
Title Page
Ala - Latham
Liberty Bell - Tuxpanoil
Adjustments 5th ed and Suppl 1-2 1
Adjustments 5th ed and Suppl 1-2 2
Eliminations from USSB Fleet and Name Changes
Tonnage USSB Cargo Ships 1
Tonnage USSB Cargo Ships 2
Tonnage USSB Cargo Ships 3
Tonnage USSB Cargo Ships 4
Tonnage USSB Cargo Ships 5

Fourth Supplement, November 1, 1921
Title Page
Anahuac - Ice King
Ida - Tustem
Wachusett - Yukon
Passenger and Uncompleted Ships
Adjustments 5 ed and Suppl 1-3
Eliminations from USSB Fleet