The United States Navy in World War I

Vessels Acquired 1917-1920 (SP and ID)

This portion of the Shipscribe web site contains three tables listing all the ships acquired by the Navy for service as small combatants (primarily harbor and coastal patrol craft), auxiliary vessels (including many for the Naval Overseas Transportation Service, NOTS), and harbor and service craft. Most of these were given numbers when they were initially surveyed, prefixed by SP (for Section Patrol) or ID. (Many other ships were surveyed and given numbers but not acquired by the Navy.) All the ships in these lists except 21 noted as "navy status questionable" are believed to have been taken into the Navy at least briefly. The column captioned "typ" gives the nomenclature used by clerks on the ships' data cards (now held in the Ships' Histories files in the Naval Historical Center, Washington, D.C.), while the column captioned "type" represents an effort by the author to use all available information (including the file symbols assigned to the ships by the Bureau of Construction and Repair and theNavy's practice with similar ships during World War II) to categorize the ships under the hull number system used by the Navy since 1920. A fourth table contains a list of all the 1,676 ships in the three main tables to assist in locating them. 

Small Combatants (Patrol, etc.)

Auxiliary Vessels

Harbor and Service Craft

Ship Locator

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