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AC: Colliers
ACM: Auxiliary Mine Layers
AD: Destroyer Tenders
YDG/ADG: Degaussing Vessels/Ships
AE: Ammunition Ships
AF: Provision Storeships (later Store Ships)
AG: Miscellaneous Auxiliaries
AGB: Ice Breakers (AG until 1949)
AGC: Amphibious Force Flagships
AGP: Motor Torpedo Boat Tenders
AGS: Surveying Ships
AH: Hospital Ships
AK: Cargo Ships (see also BAK, below)
AKA: Attack Cargo Ships
AKN: Net Cargo Ships
AKS: General Stores Issue Ships
AKV: Cargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry (see APV 1-2)
AN: Net Laying Ships
AO: Oilers
AOG: Gasoline Tankers
AP: Transports
APA: Attack Transports
APB: Self-Propelled Barracks Ships
APC: Coastal Transports (Small)
APH: Transports Fitted for Evacuation of Wounded
APL: Barracks Ships (See also IX special, below)
APM: Mechanized-Artillery Transport
APR: Rescue Transports
APV: Transport and Aircraft Ferry
AR: Repair Ships
ARb: Base Repair Ship (ARb-1, see AD-13)
ARB: Battle Damage Repair Ships
ARG: Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ships
ARH: Heavy-Hull Repair Ship (ARH-1, see AR-8)
ARL: Landing Craft Repair Ships
ARS: Salvage Vessels (see also BARS)
ARSD: Salvage Lifting Vessels
ARST: Salvage Craft Tenders
ARV: Aircraft Repair Ships
ARVA: Aircraft Repair Ships (Aircraft)
ARVE: Aircraft Repair Ships (Engine)
AS: Submarine Tenders
ASR: Submarine Rescue Vessels
AT: Ocean-Going Tugs (see also BAT)
ATA: Auxiliary Ocean Tugs
ATF: Fleet Ocean Tugs
ATO: Old Ocean Tugs (see AT)
ATR: Rescue Ocean Tugs
AV: Seaplane Tenders
AVC: Catapult Lighter
AVP: Small Seaplane Tenders
AVS: Aviation Supply Ships
AW: Distilling Ships
AZ: Airship Tender (Lighter than Air)
BAK: British Cargo Ships
BARS: British Salvage Vessels
BAT: British Ocean-Going Tugs
CM: Mine Layers
CMC: Mine Layers, Coastal
IX: Unclassified (Station Tankers)
IX: Unclassified (Special types)
IX: Unclassified (Station Cargo Ships)
LSV: Vehicle Landing Ships (LSV 1-6)
YAG: District Miscellaneous Auxiliaries

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