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Photo #  NH 88350:  S.S. Franklin circa 1917

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S.S. Tidewater (American Collier, 1917).
Later renamed Isaac T. Mann

Tidewater, a 5266 gross ton collier built in 1917 at Camden, New Jersey, was one of a series of eight similar ships built by the New York Shipbuilding Corp. between 1915 and 1918 for two U.S. coastal shipping firms, the Coastwise Transportation Co. and Darrow Mann Co. Five of these, Plymouth (ID # 3308), Fairmont (ID # 2429), Glen White (ID # 2068), Winding Gulf (ID # 3379), and William N. Page (ID # 3844) served in the Navy, while Franklin, Tidewater, and Sewalls Point did not. S.S. Tidewater became S.S. Isaac T. Mann in 1923 and was scrapped at Baltimore in 1954.

Note: World War I-era Navy clerks appear to have thought that Glen White was S.S. Tidewater renamed and that both names referred to the same ship. They assigned ID # 2068 to this ship -- the number was later used exclusively for Glen White. Shipyard and other records make it clear that these were different vessels. Additional evidence of the error was provided when in May 1943 S.S. Glen White and S.S. Isaac T. Mann (ex-Tidewater) sailed from Cuba to New York in the same convoy.

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Photo #: NH 105262

S.S. Franklin
(American collier, 1915)

Franklin was completed at Camden, N.J. in 1915 and never served in the Navy. She is flying a flag on her foremast showing her name, a common practice during builder's trials. This photo was used on a Navy data card to represent USS Glen White (ID # 2068), a similar ship completed at Camden in May 1918 and commissioned on 22 July 1918. The name Tidewater written on the photo is of a third ship of this type that was completed at Camden in 1917 but saw no Navy service. Glen White was decommissioned on 6 March 1919.

U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.

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