Sterling (AC, 1898): Photographs

These photographs were selected to show the original configuration of this class and major subsequent modifications. For most classes many other photographs exist.
For more complete online collections of U. S. Navy ship photographs see in particular the NHHC Online Library of Selected Images and the NavSource Photo Archive.

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S.S. Lamington (1881)

Ashore on Long Island near Patchogue on 6 February 1896.
The crew of the Blue Point Life-saving Station is rescuing the 24-man ship's crew with a breeches bouy. They then used the buoy to rescue a pony that happened to be on board.

Photo No. None
Source: Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly, vol. 43 (1897), page 409

USS Sterling (1898-1913)

Probably photographed in late 1898 or early 1899.
Her original owner's smokestack markings are still visible under the probable overall coat of gray paint.

Photo No. 19-N-14247, ex 17-22-17
Source: U.S. National Archives, RG-19-N box 1

USS Sterling (1898-1913)

Laid up at the Boston Navy Yard circa 1900 with USS Vesuvius outboard.
She now has standard naval auxiliary smokestack markings.

Photo No. NH 90373
Source: U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command

USS Sterling (1898-1913)

In Hampton Roads, Virginia, on 2 May 1907 during the Jamestown Exposition International Naval Review.

Photo No. 19-N-14255, ex 17-22-20
Source: U.S. National Archives, RG-19-N box 1

USS Sterling (1898-1913)

Photographed in the Hudson River on 3 October 1911 by the New York Navy Yard during that year's Presidential Naval Review.

Photo No. 19-N-61-8-16
Source: U.S. National Archives, RG-19-A-1