Lapwing (AVP-1) Class: Photographs

These photographs were selected to show the original configuration of this class and major subsequent modifications. For most classes many other photographs exist.
For more complete online collections of U. S. Navy ship photographs see in particular the NHHC Online Library of Selected Images and the NavSource Photo Archive.

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USS Pelican (AM-27)

Supporting two probable Curtiss HS-1L aircraft near Pearl Harbor in February 1924.

Photo No. 80-G-1009755
Source: U.S. National Archives, RG-80-G

USS Sandpiper (AM-51)

Tending a Martin T3M-2 of Scouting One (VS-1) at Guantanamo Bay on 29 March 1926.
Photographed by USS Wright (AV-1).

Photo No. 80-G-1017218
Source: U.S. National Archives, RG-80-G

USS Heron (AM-10)

Carrying two Vought O2U-2 scout planes of Scouting Eight (VS-8) while serving in the Asiatic Fleet on 15 December 1930.

Photo No. 80-G-1017155
Source: U.S. National Archives, RG-80-G

USS Avocet (AM-19)

Tending two T4M aircraft of VT-5 in Manila Bay circa early 1932.
One aircraft is afloat under the ship's aircraft handling boom aft while the other is on a wooden Navy open lighter (YC-147) amidships. Men from the aircraft squadron also lived in the tents on the barge.

Photo No. None
Source: Shipscribe

USS Thrush (AVP-3)

Photographed circa 1942.
The foremast of all these ships was moved aft and reduced in size circa 1941.

Photo No. 19-N-32153
Source: U.S. National Archives, RG-19-LCM

USS Teal (AVP-5)

Near the Mare Island Navy Yard on 9 July 1942.

Photo No. 19-N-31393
Source: U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command

USS Pelican (AVP-6)

Underway off the southern California coast between May 1942 and April 1943 after conversion to the "tuna boat" Q-ship Normandie II.
In April 1942 she received structural modifications at the Mare Island Navy yard that included raised bulwarks around the bow, a new foremast just forward of the bridge, and an extra cabin behind the bridge. Her disguise was then completed by covering over her two 3" guns forward, building a "bait tank" on the fantail that actually housed a Curtiss SOC Seagull floatplane, adding a crow's nest on the mainmast, and fitting prominent tuna boat ratlines on both masts.

Photo No. NH 96553
Source: U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command

USS Sandpiper (AVP-9)

Near the Boston Navy Yard on 25 March 1943.
Her main gun armament was reduced, probably at this time, to a single 3"/50 gun in a smaller tub forward.

Photo No. 19-N-42088
Source: U.S. National Archives, RG-19-LCM

USS Avocet (AVP-4)

In Elliott Bay, Seattle, Wash., on 1 March 1944.
Her single 3"/50 gun is mounted in the original large tub that previously held two of these weapons.

Photo No. 19-N-63708
Source: U.S. National Archives, RG-19-LCM