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Photo #  NH 107438-KN:  S.S. Ransom B. Fuller.  Pre-World War I post card.

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Ransom B. Fuller (American Coastal Passenger Steamer, 1902)

Ransom B. Fuller, a side-wheel steamer, was built at Bath, Maine in 1902. She was lengthened in 1910 for operations between Portland, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts. In November 1917 the Navy chartered the 2329-ton vessel for use as a floating barracks at New London, Connecticut. This brief service ended in April 1918, when she was returned to her owner, the Eastern Steamship Company. S.S. Ransom B. Fuller was reportedly scrapped in 1935.

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Photo #: NH 105645-KN

S.S. Ransom B. Fuller
(American river steamer, 1902)

Shown on the Kennebec River, Maine, probably soon after entering service in 1902.
The postcard bearing this image was postmarked at Cardiner, Maine, (probably Gardiner, a town on the Kennebec south of Augusta) on 8 August 1910. This vessel was acquired by the Navy in November 1917 for use as a barracks ship at New London, Connecticut, but was returned to her owner in April 1918.

Donation of Captain Stephen S. Roberts, USNR (Retired), 2008.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Online Image: 92KB; 740 x 495 pixels

Photo #: NH 107438-KN (color)

S.S. Ransom B. Fuller (American Coastal Passenger Steamship, 1902)

Color postcard published in Germany for G.W. Morris, Portland, Maine, prior to World War I and showing the ship before lengthening.
Ransom B. Fuller was briefly in U.S. Navy service as a barracks ship in 1917-1918.
For an image of the reverse of this postcard, see: Photo # NH 107438-A-KN.

Donation of George H. Petrin, 2010.

U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.

Online Image: 118 KB; 900 x 605 pixels

Photo #: NH 105642

S.S. Ransom B. Fuller
(American coastal passenger steamer, 1902)

Shown in commercial service after lengthening and before World War I.
This ship was chartered by the Navy in November 1917 as USS Ransom B. Fuller (without no ID # assigned) and served as a barracks ship at Newport, Rhode Island, until she was returned to her owner in April 1918.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Online Image: 59KB; 740 x 355 pixels



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